Monday, January 3, 2011

Smile Always :) Follow Me

Smile Always cuz somenone love you ! smile is good . smile make people happy.if you all had a tension .you all just smile and said **cool babe**  and you all think who love you all ok ! Who had a tension please Follow Me and Stalk to me ok ? im adviser ok !ngahahaha. this is real ok.  

2011,First Day At School

Yeayy !! School im coming. nguahahaha. sronok gak tahun baru nih .hee. aku nk buat Azam la. the first is

  • I change a bad attitude
  • Respect my parent
  • Respect for people older than us
  • Study hard
  • believe in Allah 
  • success in the world and hereafter
Thats all only. i really wanna change,no longer i behave as in the past. i want to get in UPSR (5 A ). this year i be a prefect im very happy at the morning school ! but i love my old class ( 4 ARKED ). my new class is 5 ARKED. yeayyy ! the first class. im so glad.OMG, but...... hurm (secret) its ok larh thats all ok bye .nite